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Breakfast At The Conklin's

New Staff Training

Daisy's Splashpad

Greeting Dad

Matti's Wake-Up Service

Pets at the Hurricane Shelter

Daisy's Duet with Dad

Doggie Diving Practice

Daisy is learning to not fear the clippers

before her next grooming!

Synchronized Swimming

More "Zoomies"

Matti helps Daisy with her new toy

Matti and Daisy Puppy Wrestling

The "Zoomies"

Check out Matti's vertical jump!

Check out Matti's Vertical Jump!

New Staff Member, Daisy, on Her First Day on the Job at Pet Pages

Matti's PT just 3 weeks after hip surgery on his right side!

Matti's Therapy with Cousin Dakota 

4 1/2 Weeks Post Op

Matti and Tigger playing 7 weeks after Matti's hip surgery on his left side!

Intensive Physical Therapy for Matti with Tigger and Teddy

Attend Tigger's and Matti's Birthday Party



Tigger's first therapy session with Matti

Watch Matti use his

new outdoor pool.

Matti's physical therapy continues...

Watch Matti use his

indoor pool

        See Matti swimming                    See Matti doing his

    and Tigger coaching him                 "back up" therapy

           in the Big Pool!                               

            Watch Tigger and Matti open           Watch Matti eat his first

                their birthday presents                         birthday cake

       See Matti's first swimming lesson.            See Matti use his new                                                                              hydrotherapy pool.

                 Watch a "shark" fight.                  Watch "monkey wrestling"

       Santa Shows Some "Elf Discipline"          Matti's First Christmas 

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